Our ball programme planning including the supporting programme is well underway and we want to ensure that all ball guests, once again, will be treated to an evening enriched with dance, delights and entertainment. Once the ball programme is confirmed will we keep you up-to-date right here.


Here is an overview over the supporting programme of last Zuckerbäckerball in January 2019.

Rittersaal (The Knight’s Hall)

  • Baking demonstration in our Show Bakery


  • Meinl Café with confectioner
    Visit the Meinl Café and try a Meinl Coffee Cocktail and sweeten your ball evening with some of their delicious desserts.


  • French Roulette hosted by Casinos Austria
    Play your game!

  • Julius Meinl estimation game
    3 Meinl Coffee machines are to be won

Seitengalerie (Side Gallery)

  • Karin van Vliet - Styling corner

  • Erste Bank’s stand


  • Cake display of the ZuckerBäcker Awards
    Cast your eyes on the fanciful cake creations of the participants

  • Ströck bread tasting

  • Sweet temptation – by confectioner AIDA

  • Taste some freshly baked bread directly out of the oven by a master baker

Gardehalle I

  • “Süße Versuchung” - Sweet temptation
    Various small treats are waiting to be tasted! The proceeds will be donated to Österreichische Kinderdörfer - a local children’s village charity.

Hofburg Gallery

  • Ball buffet

Schatzkammersaal (Treasure room)

  • Heuriger by Viennese butchers (from 0:00 to 04:30)

Zeremoniensaal (Ceremonial hall)

  • 23:15 – “Sweet pastry heaven”: Numerous delicious prizes are to slowly dropping from the ceiling of the hall. Prizes can be picked up in the Gardehalle I on the ground floor.

Here you will find the layout of the Hofburg.