How and where can you buy tickets and seats?

Ball tickets and seat reservations as well as cake guarantees for the 119th ZuckerBäckerball are not available yet.

The sale is planned for October 2019 and guests can purchase their tickets online. Presale in the ticket office will start in November - the opening times of the office will be published at a later date. The ticket office of the Verein Förderung des Lebensmittelgewerbes are located in Florianigasse 13, 1080 Vienna. Parking in the inner courtyard is available during ticket purchasing. The opening times of the advance ticket office are not known yet.

Please note that payment can be made in cash or with debit cards. However, credit card payments are not accepted.

Questions regarding ticketing can be made to the Ticketing Office, on the telephone to Jennifer Nakovits, tel.: +43-1-51450-6314 or via e-mail

Seats can only be purchased before the event and not on the evening of the ball.

How much are tickets, seat reservations and cake guarantees?

Ball entrance ticket: €110,00
Youth ticket: €55,00 (born 1995 or later)
No evening ticket box

Cake guarantee: €15,00 (500 pieces available)

Seating (optional):

  • Festsaal
    Ground loges (26 loges for 8 persons; 2 loges for 4 persons): *€ 85,00
    Raised loges (20 loges for 10 persons; 2 loges for 8 persons): *€ 95,00

  • Zeremoniensaal (tables for 4 + tables for 10):
    *€ 75,00

  • Wintergarten (tables for 4 + bar):
    *€ 70,00

  • Seitengalerie (tables for 10):
    *€ 70,00

  • Geheime Ratsstube (tables for 4):
    *€ 55,00

  • Marmorsaal (tables for 4):
    *€ 60,00

  • Antekammer (tables for 4):
    *€ 55,00

  • Künstlerzimmer (tables for 4):
    *€ 45,00

Price is per seat. Upon leaving the Hofburg your ticket loses its validity. (All prices include 20% VAT.)

A layout of the Hofburg can be found here.

Who is entitled to a youth ticket?

Youth tickets are sold to all persons born 1995 or later; your age has to be proven with photo identification. Online shoppers must present their ID on entry to the ball evening.

What is the dress code?

Ladies: Floor-length ball gown; gala dress (no short skirts and dresses, cocktail dresses, trouser suits, etc.; no traditional attire)

Gentlemen: Smoking/tux; dark suit with bow tie (no tie; no traditional attire)

Is smoking allowed at the ball?

Smoking is strictly prohibited in all rooms of the Hofburg for the duration of the ball. We kindly ask all ball guests to adhere to our no-smoking policy, which also applies to e-cigarettes.

Furthermore, all instructions given by our safety personnel are to be stringently observed.

What is a “Cake Guarantee”?

The Cake Guarantee ensures that you will definitely go home with a cake from the pastry chef, even if you missed out on winning one of the prizes at our grand raffle (Tombola).

Cake Guarantees can be purchased either online or at the ticket office, but not at the ball.

The number of Cake Guarantees is limited to 500 pieces, and going from experience, these are normally sold out by Christmas time.

Images and video recording

Photography and video recordings of the event, the event guest (the ticket holder) expressly agrees that they will not be compensated for the recordings taken during or in connection with the event.

This material has no time restrictions and can be used by the Verein Förderung des Lebensmittelgewerbes for the promotion of future events.

General information

119. ZuckerBäckerball on 16. January 2020 in the Vienna Hofburg

Admission: 20:00
The Grand Opening: 21:00
Finish: 05:00