BALL programmE

119. ZuckerBäckerball ON 16 JANUARY 2020

Our ball programme planning is well underway and we want to ensure that all ball guests, once again, will be treated to an evening enriched with dance, delights and entertainment. Once the ball programme is confirmed will we keep you up-to-date right here.


118. ZuckerBäckerball ON 17. January 2019

Download the full programme here.

20:00 – Doors open

21:00 – Grand opening of the ball in the banquet hall (Festsaal). The entire opening will be streamed live in the ceremonial hall (Zeremoniensaal)

  • In 2019, the “Vereinigung Wiener Staatsopernballett” will open the ball for the third time. The solo dancers Ketevan Papava and Eno Peci will dance to Josef Strauss’ “Aquarellenwalzer Op. 258” with choreography by Lukas Gaudernak.

  • A performance by awarding-winning star guests Ildikó Raimondi and tenor singer Herbert Lippert. Both singers will receive this year’s Celebrity Cake (Prominententorte).

  • The opening will be completed by the opening committee of the Wiener Tanzschulen (Vienna Dance Schools) who will perform a dance to Johann Strauss Sohn’s “Freudengruß-Polka” under the direction of Richard Fränzl and Eddy Franzen.

21:45 – Alles Walzer! (Everybody waltz!) - The dance floor will open to all guests.

23:15 – Julius Meinl “Coffee-cocktail shower”: For those lucky enough to pop a balloon with one of 50 vouchers inside can look forward to a Julius Meinl Coffee Cocktail. Each voucher can be redeemed in the Meinl Café in the “Trabantenstube”.

24:00 – The midnight quadrille under the guidance of Prof. Hannes Nedbal. Afterwards the presentation of the Celebrity Cake will take place along with the prize giving ceremony for the Zuckerbäcker Awards as well as the announcement of the winner of the Julius Meinl estimation game.

1:30 –“Erste Bank - Fortune Balloon Shower”: snatch a #glaubandich (believe in yourself) cake – each balloon wins one. The prize can be picked up from the Erste Bank stand in the side gallery (Seitengalerie).

2:30 – “Flying AIDA treats”: 50 sweets are up for grabs for those of you lucky enough to pop a balloon with a voucher inside. The prizes can be picked up from the AIDA stand in the foyer.

5:00 – Final dance

Musical programme

21:45 – 5:00 in the Banquet Hall (Festsaal) – the Viennese Ball Orchestra Wolfgang Steubl and alternately the Wolfgang Steubl Bigband

22:00 – 4:00 in the Ceremony Hall (Zeremoniensaal) – Strangers Party Band

22:00 – 4:00 in the Forum – Caribbean Lounge with Carla Natascha & Salsa Band

23:30 and 1:00 in the Forum – Live Latin dance show

22:30 – 4:00 in the Garden Hall (Gartensaal) – Hit radio Ö3 ball disco

Supporting programme

Rittersaal (The Knight’s Hall)

  • Baking demonstration in our Show Bakery


  • Meinl Café with confectioner
    Visit the Meinl Café and try a Meinl Coffee Cocktail and sweeten your ball evening with some of their delicious desserts.


  • French Roulette hosted by Casinos Austria
    Play your game!

  • Julius Meinl estimation game
    3 Meinl Coffee machines are to be won

Seitengalerie (Side Gallery)

  • Karin van Vliet - Styling corner

  • Erste Bank’s stand


  • Cake display of the ZuckerBäcker Awards
    Cast your eyes on the fanciful cake creations of the participants

  • Ströck bread tasting

  • Sweet temptation – by confectioner AIDA

  • Taste some freshly baked bread directly out of the oven by a master baker

Gardehalle I

  • “Süße Versuchung” - Sweet temptation
    Various small treats are waiting to be tasted! The proceeds will be donated to Österreichische Kinderdörfer - a local children’s village charity.

Hofburg Gallery

  • Ball buffet

Schatzkammersaal (Treasure room)

  • Heuriger by Viennese butchers (from 0:00 to 04:30)

Zeremoniensaal (Ceremonial hall)

  • 23:15 – “Sweet pastry heaven”: Numerous delicious prizes are to slowly dropping from the ceiling of the hall. Prizes can be picked up in the Gardehalle I on the ground floor.

Cake guarantee

Your pre-ordered cake can be picked up from the Riesentorte (the large cake stand) on the ground floor

“Riesentombola” - GRAND raffle - each ticket wins!

This year, the ZuckerBäckerball has, once again, 3,000 cakes and sweets to give away. A part of the raffle proceeds will be donated to SOS-Kinderdorf Österreich.

Points of sale

  • At the entrance to the stairs, lower plateau (ground floor)

  • At the “Platzl” (mezzanine/half floor up)

Issuing of the raffle prizes

  • Passageraum + Gardehalle I
    Please collect your raffle prize winnings between the hours 23:00 and 04:00.

Important information

Ticket information
Upon leaving the Hofburg your ball ticket loses validity.

Smoking is strictly prohibited in all rooms of the Hofburg - except for the “Gardehof” (see layout of the Hofburg here). We ask all ball guests to adhere to this policy and to follow any instructions give by the security personnel. The smoking ban also encompasses the use of e-cigarettes.

Video recording and images
Each guest of the ball (i.e. the ticker holder) grants us the permission to record (TV, photos, video, etc.) ball guests during the event and this footage may be used in future (no restrictions) by Verein Förderung des Lebensmittelgewerbes without any form of compensation.

A date to remember…

We are looking forward to seeing you again next year at the 119. ZuckerBäckerball on 16. January 2020 in the Vienna Hofburg.

Here you will find the layout of the Hofburg.

Pictures and video footage of the previous ZuckerBäckerball can be found in our gallery.