Music programme

Work is already well underway on the musical programme for the 119. ZuckerBäckerball and as soon as the musical acts have been confirmed we will publish them right here.


The music programme for the 118. ZuckerBäckerball on 17 January 2019 was once again composed of five acts, which provided different styles and an exuberant dance atmosphere of music in the splendid rooms of the Vienna Hofburg.

Wiener Ballorchester Wolfgang Steubl

The renowned Viennese Ball Orchestra of Wolfgang Steubl offers a large repertoire of classical music with the Vienna String Orchestra.

Place: Festsaal (Banquet Hall)

The Wolfgang Steubl Bigband

The Wolfgang Steubl Bigband provides a lively change on the dance floor. The repertoire ranges from "Glenn Miller" sound to the interpretation of standard dances and some Latin American rhythms.

Place: Festsaal (Banquet Hall)

Strangers Party Band

The five-members-strong Strangers Party Band plays in the ceremonial hall: the swinging quintet is expected to offer exceptional interpretations of well-known musical works. In addition to all standard and Latin American dances, they also interpret great hits from the 60s through the 80s and even to some current hits.

Place: Zeremoniensaal (Ceremonial hall)

Carla Natascha & Salsa Band

Caribbean flair and great passion! Austria's most successful Latino singer guarantees passionate dancing along with a music experience packed with lots of power. With her dynamic voice, dance and energy, she takes the audience into the world of hot Latino rhythms. Her band is a group of renowned musicians from all over the world. The repertoire includes well-known, Latin-American hits of the genres Salsa, Cha-Cha-Cha, Rumba, Bolero, Merengue, Cumbia and much more.

Place: Forum


Touring through Austria each year, the DJs of hit radio station Ö3 electrify up to 60,000 visitors at their shows. In the ZuckerBäckerball disco (on the ground floor of the Hofburg), you are situated in the middle of the ball but can still quickly immerse yourself in the hit party atmosphere of Ö3 Musikmix. Don’t miss this experience of the latest lighting, laser and sound technology.

Place: Gartensaal (Garden hall)