Every ticket takes home a prize! Win one of 3,000 cakes and other sweets.

The organisers of the ZuckerBäckerball are convinced that there is no other ball in Austria - if not even worldwide - where three thousand cakes and other sweet prizes are raffled off.

The Grand Raffle of the ZuckerBäckerball - in German “Tombola” - gives the ball a sweet fragrant note. The moment the ball guests enter the Hofburg, the aroma of spectacularly decorated cakes greets them. A variety of shapes, colours and decorations reflect the high craftsmanship of each and every confectioner.

It is no secret that the 3,000 tickets sell out fast. After all, each ball guest desires to take home his or her very own sweet piece of the ball.

Raffle ticket sale points at the ball

  • At the entrance to the stairs, lower plateau (ground floor)

  • At the "Platzl" (mezzanine)

Issuing of raffle prizes

  • Passageraum

  • Guardhalle I

Please collect your raffle prizes between 23:00 and 04:00. Part of the proceeds from the raffle will be donated to Österreichische Kinderdörfer - a local children’s village chatrity.

Cake guarantee (Tortengarantie)

In any case, you can secure yourself a cake from the master confectioner with the cake guarantee (Tortengarantie), which is only available in advance. However, there is only a limited edition of 500 pieces, half of which can be purchased online and half at the official ticket office.

Your cake can be picked up on the ground floor by the giant cake.