Liebe Ballgäste,

die Ballkarten für den 119. ZuckerBäckerball am 16. Jänner 2020 in der Wiener Hofburg sind noch nicht verfügbar und werden im Herbst 2019 auf den Markt kommen. Wir werden Sie rechtzeitig hier auf der Webseite, auf unserer Facebookseite und mit unserem Newsletter (Anmeldung unten) darauf hinweisen.


Tickets for the 119th ZuckerBäckerball on January 16th 2020 at Hofburg Vienna are not available yet. They are planned to be released in autumn 2019. We will let you know beforehand here on our website, on our Facebook page and in our Newsletter (signup below).

The ZuckerBäckerball has a long and rich history rooted deeply in the traditions of Viennese ball culture. The experience of attending such a ball is one that has become increasingly popular with international guests. Each year, more and more guests fly from all corners of the world to be at the epicentre of Viennese balls: the Hofburg. It was originally a medieval fortified castle dating from the 13th century, with each emperor extending the building bit by bit. In 1735, the Redoutensäle (ball rooms) were erected as an adjoining building. These rooms were built for grand receptions, balls and other festivities. Nowadays, these breath-taking rooms with glittering chandeliers and opulent mirrors continue to turn hundreds of waltzing guests into thousands.

The reputation of these Viennese balls has spread far and wide with similar balls being hosted in major cities around the globe. However, one should note that the original Viennese-ball experience is like no other and may differ from international Viennese-style balls in a few ways.

Firstly, your ball ticket grants you entrance to the ball along with access to all of the rooms allocated by the Hofburg to the ZuckerBäckerball; should that suffice, you are free to dance the evening away and enjoy the many pleasures the ball has to offer.

Secondly, you can add an element of further delight and comfort to your evening by booking a seat at a table in one of the many wonderful rooms of the Hofburg (see the various seating options here). Merely booking a seat at the ball will not grant you access to the ball nor does it include drinks or a classic silver service dinner– this ball caters to a wide array of tastes and our guests are free to pick and choose cuisine, available for purchase from the numerous stands.

An international flair intertwined with the great traditions of the ball is something we have come to know and love, so we look forward to welcoming many international guests for an unforgettable evening at the 119th ZuckerBäckerball.